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came out, it was soon reprinted in other forums, attracted many onlookers discussion. On the same day, Enping local forum in the form of text and pictures again relayed this "fake egg yolk" event, the matter to a climax.Faced with more mass the more intense the network momentum, September 8, Enping City Butterfly Food Co. officially issued a statement expressing their own egg yolk product purchase channels used by legitimate companies, egg yolk production companies qualified status certificates, including the production license , business license and passing inspection reports.Local officials said the investigation is not yolk Luoynike free 3.0 v5 womens ang City, Henan couple after quarrel at home, his wife hired the driver from the Internet, driving their own cars BMW Mini running all the way to Shanghai direction, fearing for their safety husband also got a driver, driving their own cars driving Ben chased. As a long time caught up, her husband grew more and more anxious, even warning that the "BMW car was robbed," police emergency intervention, the parties eventually found to restore the truth. September 19 morning, this bizarre story took place in the high-speed segment Ningluo Chuzhou.Husband and wife, she was employed drivers Night Flight ShanghaiSeptember 18 evening, Luoyang City, 30-year-old white (a pseudonym) and 27-year-old wife, A Huan (a pseudonym) quarrel because of household chores, since young, they were not so, the more noise the more fierce, fury actually moving from the hands. After all, her husband physically inferior, beaten after A Huan heartbroken, determined to run away from home, but I thought the farther the better.Police told the Xin'an Evening Chuzhou, Anhui Network reporter, white couple with their 

families jointly operate a real estate company, better economic conditions at home, the home of BMW Mini worth several hundred thousand dollars each a sedan and Mercedes-Benz sedans, as were both no driver's license, weekdays are specifically hired driver to drive.Want to run away from home, new balance 373 mensbut can not drive, can not we supposed to own driver  A favor of a meter, she immediately hired a local Internet unfamiliar drivers, and in the online convention, the other side of her car carrying the man sent to Shanghai, she paid 500 dollars each other, and their bought return tickets.Thus, the same evening 6:00 o'clock, in the case did not tell his family, A Huan quietly left home and moved to Shanghai.Looking to no avail, he said the police car was robbedThe same evening, still angry white suddenly found parked at home, good original BMW suddenly disappeared, asked all families and all drivers do not know the whereabouts of the car. At the same time, he discovered that his wife was missing A joy."But my wife does not drive ah " White told the police afterwards, due to his wife's phone still can not turn on, when he "scalp were bombed." Is his wife angrily own car to hit the road without a license  Or car with his wife and had been hijacked  The worst sorts of ideas, peremptorily children appear in the white mind."Somehow, when I feel this car and the man is the direction to go to Shanghai!" White later told police, after a brief crazy, he combined the character and situation wife weekdays circle of friends, and immediately make judgments. He then call

ed the driver drove home their own Mercedes-Benz cars, to Shanghai direction desperately to catch up.However, after a few hours of hot pursuit, the Luoyang to Shanghai high-speed white and did not see his wife and BMW sedans, while he kept urging drivers to accelerate, while continually call to his wife, but the phone was Head has no answer.At 2:20 on the 19th, anxious white dial 110, said their own BMW car was robbed, asked the police to intercept card set, this time his car just pulled into Chuzhou territory.Police hailed the truth finally get to the bottom"After receiving the City 110 command center, we were very nervous, after all, the police say is 'robbery', various police intelligence could happen!" Yesterday afternoon, night duty Chuzhou high-speed traffic police detachment in the Third Brigade deputy Captain Huangkai Xiang told reporters after he and captain Cheng Zhangshun alarm immediatenew balance 574 mens ly hit the road to intercept and notify police patrol along the road close observation.3:00 am, a BMW Mini car from the front towards Ningluo fast speed caozhuang toll station, police carefully observed, consistent with the license plate is also warning people. "Stop it!" Duty police immediately stepped forward to successfully intercepted a white sedan car, the car and she sat a young woman, the police officer when the car is about control.However, after the police inquiry was surprised to find that the car is the car headed woman A Huan, and she and alarm with a white man, does not exist "robbery" one said. Ten minutes later, followed the initiative to chase the white police Dominicans truth.White told the police, in the process of catching up, asking him all the way to the toll station and asked the staff to determine the direct



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